About Our Business.

‘Ricky Enterprises’ is one of the most finest manufacturers of sewing thread along with specialization in multiple thread varieties.Our production has a massive consideration with an extensively diverse line of products ranging from threads for Denim,shirts,trousers,leather industry,shoes,bags and everything having an application in day-to-day life.

Our company being situated in Mumbai, The demand for our products is elevating across the nation,making production level raise on the Higher-end. We are committed to providing Highest quality material in a cost-effective price with the latest blend of an excellent technology, That being our vision; our products have a global appeal and yet we have managed to retain even the cultural footprint.

Our History.

Our establishment dates back to 4 decades and What started off from a small-scale handy machine has today evolved to a completely Automated plant of modern synthetic sewing threads.

Founded back in 1980, by our torchbearer Shri Parsram Santumal Panjwani with an objective vision to build threads of best quality standards.

It was later succeeded by Mr. Murli Parsram Panjwani. From a one man army to a growing community compelled to stand by the vision with immense technical knowledge in the industry, in a very less time it was highly appreciated in the market.

Currently headed under the supervision of Mr. Latish Murli Panjwani and Mr. Ricky Murli Panjwani. The business is blooming across Pan-india with phenomenal growth and positive customer response,making us the most trusted brand to look for!

Ricky Enterprises